#101 ROUNDUP: Skateboarding – PT. A – The EPIC Edition!

Diesmal im Skateboarding Roundup: epic, just epic, in Teheran, Boston, New York und was artsy -mäßiges!

Wie sieht die Skateszene aus in einem Land, welches den USA und der westlichen Welt eher skeptisch gegenübersteht? Meet MJ Rahimi in Teheran, der Haupstadt des Irans.

Skateboarding has once again taken us to a bizarre part of the world. Never thought we would be filming tricks in downtown Tehran, Iran if you asked me a couple years ago. Very pleased to present ‚The Persian Version‘. Enjoy a journey from Iran to Turkey via the usual land transportation in our continuous trek zigzagging around the Eurasian peninsula. (source)

Visualtraveling – The Persian Version

Ein visueller Hochgenuss in atemberaubender Kulisse (Boston und New York) ist das Teamvid von New Balance Numeric…

Just before the winter took hold of the East Coast the New Balance Numeric team took a short trip to Boston and New York, in search of the place they call Pinnytown. (source)


Und am Ende gibt es einen Trailer zum Dokumentarfilm „Symirroretry„, welcher die Grenzen und Verbindungen zwischen Kunst und Skateboarding verortet und auslotet. Ist es Kunst oder hat die Werbung bereits alles kaputt gemacht?

A documentary focused on the connectivity between art and skateboarding. Six distinct artists express ideas of individuality, limitation, and knowledge bestowed from a constantly adapting culture. The story of two symmetrical beings controlled by a powerful entity, parallel the documentary helping guide the narrative. Both characters strive to find purpose in life, later to find mirrors answer all of their most desired questions. Five entities. All connected. A juxtaposed experience you can’t put a finger on. (source)

Symirroretry Official Trailer