Crysis 3 is a powerful display of an engine – and not really worth referring to as a good game.

Not having played the first Crysis with all it’s open map assets, Crysis 2 was the first game with Cry Engine I played if I remember it well. Then I played Farcry 3 and not it’s Crysis 3. And I don’t know what it really is but neither game really did a lasting impression on me.

I played through Crysis 2 and I even can’t remember playing it at all. And all of Farcry 3 I remember is the scary voice acting of the villain – yet again I can’t remember his name. So why is it that neither of these games touched me? Impressed me? Entertained me?

Honestly I don’t know. Is it the fashion over function take of a pretty looking engine leaving the gameplay behind? For Crysis 3 you can choose your playing style. Doing it all stealthy with nasty melee attacks from behind or doing it like in the movies, going in big. The areas are not really open world but sufficiently big enough to try alternative routes. So all good.

Not really. The stealth gameplay is too easy – sometimes you can even run through the area in stealth without being noticed – as the AI is not really on par. Given the fact that it’s dumb AI you don’t even have to try really hard to not get noticed. And you get seen you can switch to a fully load big fat gun and silence every breathing thing in the grass. It’s not consequent. And it does not reward a specific playing style. It feels like you can do whatever you want. And for a shooter that’s not a good thing. I liked more consistency.

So I rushed through – with the alien areas being the more thrilling ones – and do I remember anything from it in the next days, weeks or months? Probably not.

Skip it unless you’d like a shooter again and again and again and again and again.

Publisher:Electronic Arts
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3 (tested on)
Release: February 21st, 2013

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