#138 Roundup: Fixed Gear – Last Man Standing & Last Man Partying!

This time in our Fixed Gear Roundup: #138 Roundup: Fixed Gear – Last Man Standing on a go-kart track & Last Man Partying on a rooftop party in Dubai!

Right off th ebat we start with the Last Man Standing event hosted by the Rad Race people (who we have a collaboration with) on the Fahrradschau. Just look at the 8bar Bikes edit and compare it to last year’s edition. They grow up so fast.

128 Fixed Gear riders on a Kart track fighting in a KO System who is going to be the Last Man Standing/ Last Woman Standing. From the qualifying until the half finals there are eight riders in each group but only four riders can make it into the next round. Every lap the last man/woman is going to be kicked out of the race. In the finals the race continues until there is only one left: The Last Man Standing / Last Woman Standing (source)

8bar team at Rad Race – Last Man Standing – Berlin

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Video-Link: https://vimeo.com/123706485

Fishtail Rides were in Dubai to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The rooftop party must have been legendary.

This season Fishtail Rides teams up with Jameson to develop a ride in celebration of St. Patrick’s day. Yet another Fishtail Rides adventure; the riders set out off from Jumeirah, making their way through the buzzing streets of Satwa, across the back alley ways of Jafiliya before ending up in another favorite old Dubai district, Bur Dubai. The riders ended the route at the Raintree Hotel where Jameson hosted their ‘Live Vibes’ rooftop party kicking off with a sandboard art exhibition and concluding the night with tunes from Lebanon based band “Who Killed Bruce Lee” to entertain the crowds. (source)


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Video-Link: https://vimeo.com/124208983

The french collective of Don’t Do were in New York together with Dosnoventa who we already featured some time ago.

n/a (source)


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