3000km [a]cross New Zealand – a light packing travelog

Spring is about to spring and everyone gets their bikes ready to explore the outdoors. We had the privilege to start the year on the two islands of New Zealand with our bikes.

With minimal luggage we rode 3000km on mainly gravel- and back country roads – Through the most diverse landscapes we ever encountered. Our six week travel was filled with surprises, lucky coincidences, a lot of outdoors and even more peanut butter.

We invite you to the IRIEDAILY Brand Store Berlin to get a glimpse of our bike packing adventure. Photos will be shown and stories will be told.

See you on Thursday
Jule & Hagen

19 Uhr – meet & greet with Drinks & Snack
20 Uhr – Travelog


3000km [a]cross New Zealand – a light packing travelog