Cartrain – Not for Sale

cartяain is a young english artist (*1991) who recalls Banksy in his actions. He became better known through a feud with Damien Hirst. cartяain sold collages based on a photography of Hirst´s „Diamond Skull“.

Diamond Skull


Hirst got angry and threatened with lawyers. cartяain had to give back the 200 squid he earned. But he didn´t cave in. First he smuggled a collage with the Diamond Skull into the National Portrait Gallery and planted it as a portrait of Hirst.

Cartrain Response to Hirst over copyright

Then he nicked a pack of pencils, estimated worth 500.000 £, from an installation of Hirst in the Tate Gallery. A couple of days later, the cops busted him and his dad at home. Eventually all charges were dropped.
Although cartяain is often compared to Banksy, he found his own way of expression. His art is
immediate, unvarnished biting socio-critical commentaries happening as ephemeral event.

Cartrain – Not for Sale

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