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This time in our Longboard Roundup: the looks, the skills, in the air & on the ground!

The Looks:

In this clip about the sport, the scene and lifestyle of longboarding you actually could screenshot every damn scene as this island features everything a longboarder’s heart could ever wish for. But see for yourself – this is an amazing piece of longboarding action!

It has been a long, but fortunate process of meeting the right people at the right times; people who share the vision of Longboarding as a sport, way of life and passion to create an amazing team. This is a project for longboarders by longboarders.

The Skills:

Whereas in the first video above the panoramas and streets made all the difference, this edit features the best tricks you’ve seen in a while. There are some actions you’ve probably never seen before.

Every skateboarder’s dream is to travel, shred, and enjoy living that dream with friends.
Longboarding: Oslo Session does just this. 100% rider planned, funded, and shredded with no shortness of fun, friends, and doing whatever you want to do in life.

In the Air:

Give us some footage of drone action and we’re sold!

A promo video for Baboon Boards free rider Charl Atkinson

On the Ground:

And eventually some more casual style footage in a nice but foggy landscape.

En esta ocasión Cristina Mandarina y Eider walls viajan hasta el freeride ”Rayne Velefique” y aprovechan para presentarnos este vídeo ambientado en el Oeste , grabado en la localidad de Tabernas.