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This time in our Mountainbike Roundup: Iceland, bad weather and impressions on the upcoming fall!

Iceland may be one of the most picturesque places on earth and pretty much unchallenged by mountainbikers (probably due to the restrictive nature protection).

Some trials riding filmed in the last couple of months.
Spots: Thingvellir, Iceland, Skogár, Iceland, Gullfoss, Iceland, Thorsmork, Iceland, Trondheim, Norway, Bykle, Norway (source)

Iceland Biketrials – Joachim Skjævestad

Baisoara in Romania is definetly not blessed with the best weather. But we here in Berlin share the same fate. This issue however should not be an excuse for going out.

Rider: Razvan Chilea, Spot: Buscat Resort, Baisoara (source)

Buscat Air DH – Next week on our backyard

Google Translate tries to say the following: “We decided to film the new track being built in the slalom in Måttsund. The idea is that the film will show a full ride from top to toe. Wonderful to shoot in the fall and I’m very happy with the colors out in the open. A very simple film that quickly went to film and edit. It was a lovely smooth feel and some really great clips!” Yes, agreed!

Vi bestämde oss för att filma den nya banan som byggs på slalombacken i Måttsund. Tanken är att filmen ska visa ett helt åk från topp till tå. Underbart att filma på hösten och jag är väldigt nöjd med färgerna ute i det öppna. En väldigt enkel film som gick fort att filma samt att redigera. Den fick en härlig smooth känsla och några riktigt snygga klipp! (source)

Just ride – Måttsund