#78 ROUNDUP: WINTERSPORT – Time, Climate Change & Zero Gravity!

This time in our Wintersports Roundup: Time, Climate Change & Zero Gravity!

Wait, imagine, prepare, grasp the intensity of the moment – and GO! Oh my, we’ve waited long enough for the upcoming winter and we’re looking forward to it, to grab our boards and skis and enjoy the numb feeling of our freezing nosetips!

C’est l’histoire de ce temps, le temps d’un hiver, imprévisible et fragile, qu’ils ont capturé et apprivoisé dans leur dernier opus “TIME”. Ils nous en livrent aujourd’hui une petite fraction, pour mieux apprécier le temps de l’attente avant de pouvoir savourer le temps de l’histoire. (source)

Time – PVS Company

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Sure it’s difficult to resist the faster, higher, stronger spiral. The makers of the documentary film “STEPS” however stood against this hyperbole and asked themselves if their passion for extreme wintersports can go along with the challenge of global climate change and if it is possible to live a sustainable and ecological lifestyle in extreme wintersports!

STEPS, a documentary and action film, dives into the world of people whose deep connection to the mountains ties them together. Worried about impending climate change, they are looking for an alternative way to pursue their passion in harmony with nature and experience the mountains in an ecologically sustainable way. (source)

NEW TRAILER: STEPS – A journey to the edge of climate change (Klimawandel)

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A polish travel agency is hosting pretty nice Zero Gravity Camps in Laax, Austria! Sounds and looks fun indeed!

Video from events which took place during Zero gravity camp called snow DJ week. Witness what LAAX ski resort and Zero Gravity camps can offer you. Best riders shredding in best park in europe , sweet fresh pow freeride, skate session in outstanding Freestyle academy bowl and of course after party with hottest ladies in this part of the world.  (source)


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