#88 ROUNDUP: Skateboard – black and white & flashy colourful!

This time in our Skateboard Roundup: three times black and white and then flashy colourful!

Looking outside right now it just makes sense to go with the looks of the Berlin sky: black, white and every shade of grey. So this roundup features three videos in monochrome colours where the first one follows Josh Pall.

Dolphin Days #3 – Filmed over one weekend in Sydney with Josh Pall. (source)


And the second one is playing with the shadows.

Getting a little artsy. (source)

black and white S H A D O W P L A Y

The third is a thrilling trailer for an upcoming full length from Japan.

Take Action Films Presents… First Full-Length Skateboarding Video, From Fukuoka/Japan – Coming soon:) (source)

black and white “The Action” 1st Trailer

And the last one is arguably one of the most flashy edits we’ve seen in a while. And choosing Blur as a soundtrack is instant win.

Because I’ve been working on this edit for nearly six years, each clip looks drastically different than the last. There are at least a dozen different film formats in here – ranging from DV and HDV media, to 16mm & Super 16mm film, DSLR formats, and even some Super 8mm. Trying to combine so many formats on a single editing timeline was challenging due to the many different framerates.. however, I thought that including this footage would be a good way to remember and appreciate the many amazing spots, as well as the beautiful people who took their time to film with me. (source)

ZOMG!!! COLOURZ!!! Bowen Staines 2014 Skate Tape