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#98 ROUNDUP: BMX – Bring The Jungle Back To The Jungle!

This time in our BMX Roundup: Bring The Jungle Back To The Jungle, we love Japan, a big event and all the small things!

When São Paulo turns to São Babylon we need some skaters and BMX folk to renaturate the urban grey. We’re in desperate need for more of these people. The city is a playground, so be it.

Todos que moram em São Paulo já sonharam com uma cidade mais verde, menos impermeável e com ar puro.
Antes de ser o que é, esta cidade tinha rios, mata, e ar de verdade… Bring The Jungle Back To The Jungle! (source)

Bring The Jungle Back To The Jungle

We love Japan, and you probably already know it when you’re a regular visitor of our roundup category here. Plus there’s no way that there is a more mellow edit than this one.

n/a (source)

Genki Higuchi March 2014

It’s kind of a big deal when you’re at a big event for the first time. Coping with a packed stadium and the atmospherer and expectations of a hyped crowd.

В феврале 2014 года Костя посетил один из самый крупных контестов в мире – Simple Session’14. По итогам соревнований он показал высокий уровень мастерства и занял 17ое место в финалах. Огромное спасибо организатарам и респект тем, кто болел за Костика. (source)

Kostya Andreev – First time at Simple Session


But let’s be honest, it’s not all about fame and the big sponsoring deals. Just hanigng with friends in an old warehouse is all you need…

Featuring: Dean Bailey, Brandon Blight, Buddy Chellan, Wayne Gorton, Nic Vorster, Arthur Logan, Clint Scients and Werner Matthee. (source)

Warehouse Session


Or if you happen to live in SoCal, then it’s the sun on the streets that gets you out of your comfort zone.

David Grant, Reed Stark, Tony Malouf, Joey Motta and Jeff Cadger try their luck in Southern California as they embark on 10 day road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway. Warm sun, hot springs, and heaps of sand. (source)