Affenfaust Galerie Hamburg: 4 new show openings

News from the Affenfaust Galerie

We have some news from Hamburg, more precisely from the Affenfaust Galerie! For the crowning finale of the year 2018 they have come up with something special: There will be four exhibition openings at the vernissage on Friday, 07.12.! Edel Rodriguez, Marc Burckhardt and the Hamburg streetart artist 1010 will present their works as well as a group show of 20 artists.

Since 2012, the Affenfaust Galerie in Hamburg creates a space in which young and established artists of contemporary art can exhibit and present their works. From paintings and drawings, sculptures and installations to performances and video works – the spectrum of the exhibited art is huge.

Groupshow “Katzen gehen immer noch”

This group show with the title ” Katzen gehen immer noch ” is the central exhibition in the Affenfaust Galerie. 20 artists contributed with their works.
Already in 2014 the predecessor event “Katzen gehen immer” took place in the gallery. As the name already suggests, the focus of the artworks is on cats. They are presented in various formats, contexts and colours.

Cats have no longer just been purring pets, but a true phenomenon of the Internet. The funny cat videos belong to the most clicked videos in the WWW. Almost everyone knows Grumpy Cat though 😉
Also the exhibition dares an open analysis of this viral miracle. You can be curious!

PS: Dogs must stay outside!

Runtime: 08.12.18 -19.01.19
Opening hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 3pm-7pm / Saturday 2pm-6pm

groupshow katzen gehen immer noch affenfaust galerie
groupshow katzen gehen immer noch affenfaust galerie

1010 – Showcase

1010 is a Hamburg streetart artist and has been an active artist since 1994 (just like IRIEDAILY 😉 ). His works are exhibited worldwide, whether in galleries, at trade fairs or in public spaces.

His works are intended to stimulate the viewer’s imagination, as illusions are his speciality. He uses conceptual colour palettes with which 1010 questions architectural spaces.
The exhibition in the Affenfaust Galerie will show for the first time the development of his work over the last 10 years.

Runtime: 08.12.18 -19.01.19
Opening hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 3pm-7pm / Saturday 2pm-6pm

1010 Werkschau Affenfaust Galerie

Edel Rodriguez & Marc Burckhardt – “Fault Lines”

With their show “Fault Lines”, the two American and Cuban artists Marc Burckhardt & Edel Rodriguez take on dystopic concepts at Paul Roosen Contemporary. They mainly use motifs from landscapes and nature and also deal with the question of social integration or disintegration.

Runtime: 08.12.18 -12.01.19
Opening hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 3pm-7pm / Saturday 2pm-6pm

burckhardt & rodriguez affenfaust galerie

Edel Rodriguez – Window display

As a little bonus there is a window display of the Cuban artist Edel Rodriguez. His world-famous illustrations have already made it onto the cover of TIME Magazine and Der Spiegel, for example, and have repeatedly triggered controversial discussions. Frequently, he also rages against Trump.

Wann: 07.12. vernissage/ runtime till 19.01.2019
Wo: Affenfaust Galerie, Paul Roosen Straße 43, 22767 Hamburg