Artist Feature Trend

Our IRIEDAILY trend recommendations should keep you up to date and present you selected trends of the current collection. So you won’t miss any “hot sellers” or “must-have articles”!

In this article we therefore introduce you to some artists and their artworks made for IRIEDAILY, which we have immortalized in our items. Discover items with designs by  Dave the Chimp, GoodMood aka Haenk and Louis Otis / Louis Grosperrin!

Artist Feature: GoodMood aka Haenk

For some time now GoodMood aka Haenk has been contributing his unique artwork to our collections. His style is strongly inspired by comics and cartoons. Explore the Stinkefingerkatze, the “NOT…” series and the Fucktus at our Brand Store!

Artist Feature: Louis Otis / Louis Grosperrin

Louis is a true globetrotter: born in Paris, raised in Hong Kong, studied in London and now lives in Madrid. His works are characterized by illustrations and animations. He also created some designs for IRIEDAILY, which we present in our Brand Store.

Artist Feature: Dave the Chimp

Dave the Chimp is a streetart artist and skateboarder who lives and works in Berlin. With his Human Beans (colored bean manikins) in everyday situations, he makes clear statements. In addition to illustrations for magazines and books, he has also created some artworks for our collection. Can you discover his designs in the Brand Store?

PS: The topic “Artist Feature” has already been presented in our IRIEDAILY Brand Store. Not only the clothes were featured, but also some of their artworks were displayed on the walls:


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