Photo exhibiton “Lost in Malta” by c-sa | salon36 Berlin, 13.-18.05.2022

On 13.05.2022, a new photo exhibition titled “Lost in Malta” by Berlin photographer Jens Romanski aka c-sa opens at salon36 in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Maltese Cisk beer, Kinnie lemonade and Zeppis Bajtra (prickly pear liqueur) will be available at the vernissage on 13.05. and at the finissage on 18.05.22 as well as during the gallery opening hours. The opening event will also feature vocals and guitar music by Barbara Cuesta.
Until 18.05.22 you can visit the exhibition in salon36 from 12-19 clock.

INTRO (translated)

Lost in Malta
End of 2021. Still Corona. Christmas. A spotaneous trip to Malta. Or an escape?
Stranded in Bugibba, Mazzola Street, Falcon Court.
There: also masks, closed hotels, empty terraces. Pale sun – friendly people.
So, walks. Photo walks. Photo rides. With the cheeky lizard.
And in B. again and again this place. Like a magnet. First thing in the morning.
There they were. They couldn’t escape, they couldn’t sleep.
A kind of soul mate. The shapes, the colors, the scars. Or the pain of lost youth?
Taking pictures – composition, light, sharpness, style, uniqueness. Was I just going to use them?
Then the clarity – portraits. Unpretentious. Standing for themselves. In their environment. At eye level.
We almost became friends.
And now I’m selling them.
No, Never.
Only their copies.

About c-sa

Jens Romanski aka c-sa is a Berlin photographer who started with analog photography in East Berlin in the 80s. There his photographs were part of group exhibitions and art events in the so-called “DDR-Untergrund” (GDR underground). In the 90s, he was then “sporadically photographically” on the road, especially in Kreuzberg, and started with his first graphic works. Presentations took place in Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg, including at the gallery “Klares Licht”. After that, Jens Romanski initially concentrated on screen design and web programming, before he devoted himself more to travel, landscape and architecture photography again at the end of the noughties.

When: 13.-18.05.2022 / Opening 7pm
Where: salon36, Oranienstraße 188, 10999 Berlin

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