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Cine Mar Surf Movie Night: Spring Tour 2019

The Cine Mar Surf Movie Night is back! The Spring Tour 2019 starts on the 17th of March and tours Europe until the 07th of May.

In 40 cities in Germany, Austria, England, Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland you can once again enjoy the latest and award-winning surf films and documentaries. Oceanstories for Surfaddicts!

These films are screened on the Cine Mar Spring Tour:

SATORI Trailer
Director Rick Wall takes you with his 50-minute film on a journey to Kommetije on the coast of South Africa. You will get to know the local heroes of the Big Wave scene and discover exactly the feelings and emotions a surfer experiences when the giant wave piles up in front of him. The topic of friendship plays a special role.

Mike Bromley’s short film explores the waters around Iceland, Ireland and the Canadian Islands. The story is told from the perspective of a lonely captain watching surfers from his cutter. “Perilous Sea” takes you to extreme cold water surfing and gives the whole thing a mystical touch.


“Alternativa” is a surf film made in cooperation with the magazine “The Inertia”. The three main protagonists are the friends Kassia, Leah and Lola, who live and love the alternative surf lifestyle. They travel together to El Salvador and support the “Clean Water Filters” project. With the earnings they want to support the women’s surfing infrastructure in El Salvador. Real role models for the surf community!

Cine Mar Surf Movie Night Frühling 2019
(c) Alternativa

The directors Arthur Bourbon & Damien Castera set out to explore the young surf culture of Liberia. The country is marked by many years of civil war, but in a small fishing village they find kids and teenagers who have turned their back on violence and discovered their passion for surfing. The first generation of “Child Soldiers Surfers” impresses!

CULT OF FREEDOM: The New Zealand Part
Director Joe G. is well known in the surf scene and celebrates surfing with his work. And where better to do that than in New Zealand? The protagonists Nate, Creed and Dion embody everything a real surfer dude must have. Classic Surfedit with breathtaking scenery.

All films will be shown in English and with English or German subtitles. You can also win great prizes from IRIEDAILY for example, which will be raffled among the viewers.

Der Trailer zur Herbst Tour 2018

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The last Cine Mar Surf Movie Night took place in autumn 2018. The tour presented the award-winning surf movies “The South to Sian Journals” “A Land Shaped by Women” “Home Stories Award” & “Phenomenality”.
They toured through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands and England.

This is what it looked like in the last years: