IRIEDAILY Spring/Summer Trend “City Basics”

“Big city life, me try fi get by / Pressure nah easy up, no matter how hard me try…” – who knows the song? 😉
But no matter if you know it or not – here are some IRIEDAILY styles that fit perfectly to the theme “City Basics”. Almost everyone who lives in a bigger city knows the following problem: You leave the house in the morning and come back late in the evening. A short trip home to change clothes or put things away is usually not possible due to the long distances. It can happen that you work, ride your bike, get into a rain shower, meet with the squad in the park for a barbecue and even end up in a club or bar in the evening – all in one day. So it is more than important to have all essentials together and to be dressed multifunctionally. The most suitable basics are those that simply fit every occasion and that can be easily combined with any other. To have a rain jacket and a shirt for the party night in your backpack can definitely help too!

Discover here our IRIEDAILY “City Basics”, which make your life in the (big) city easier.
P.S.: Also suitable for those who do not live in the city 😉

This song was meant by the way: "Big City Life" by Mattafix 😉

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