IRIEDAILY friendly supports: DICE Festival Berlin

DICE  – an international and interdisciplinary festival + conference

Normally, awesome music is in the spotlight during a festival. The DICE Festival also has great music on its agenda, but the focus is on another topic: gender equality. The work of female, trans- and non-binary artists will be specifically supported. On 3 days the event creates a space in which the music and art of this artists can be adequately performed and celebrated. In addition, it should stimulate public discourse and provide a platform for gender equality.

The event takes place from 01st-03rd November in Berlin. To be more precise, in the historic Rixdorf in Neukölln. Rixdorf has “village idyll charm” and will be a destination for music performances, workshops, lectures and panels for three days. The main locations are the Arkaoda Berlin and the Böhmische Kirchensaal. The Arkaoda is a spin-off of the same named cult club in Istanbul, the Böhmische Kirchensaal was already built in the 17th century and completely reconstructed after its destruction in the Second World War. The venues therefore perfectly reflect the contrasts between old and new as well as local and international. There are also religious impressions.

But the program is not only meant to inspire reflection, but also to celebrate. The musical program includes acts like the Greek electro pioneer Lena Platonos, the duo FAKA from South Africa and the Brooklyn-based Ms Boogie. Here you can find all artists who perform at the DICE Festival.
The conference program offers many workshops, panels and lectures held by very diverse speakers. Here you can find more information about the conference part.

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Tickets for the DICE Festival are available here. Starting at 10,95€, the ticket prices depend on one-day or multi-day tickets and whether you want to see concerts or the conference events. The 3-day ticket including festival and conference is available for reasonable 42,35€.


When: 01.-03.11.18
Where: Berlin Neukölln – Rixdorf // Arkaoda & Böhmischer Kirchensaal