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DJ HYPE: Music!

Marc Gärtner aka Marc Hype aka DJ Hype aka IRIEMEMBER

Marc Hype was born on 29th March 1973 in Berlin and is a German DJ and music producer. He started working behind the turntables in 1988 and can look back on a career of almost 30 years. Inspired by Jam Master Jay he creates music of the genre Hip Hop and Funk. The two-time ITF-championchip-winner (1998/1999) DJ Hype released his solo debut album “1973*Recon” in 2003.

Nowadays he’s travelling the world with his 45s bag as part of the Berlin/London/Hamburg based Dusty Donuts crew & label, as well as a member of the UK based international 45 Live DJ circle. Still spreading the original values of Hip Hop Culture and Crate Digging. If you track his past tour schedule you can be sure of his proved ability to rock internationally with stops allover europe as in USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Lebanon, Tunisia, United Arabian Emirates, Russia, Israel, India & Australia. (source)

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