People friendly fashion Fair Wear

The Fair Wear Foundation starts the campaign #peoplefriendlyfashion and turns Black Friday into Fair Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner and already now you can hardly escape from bargains and attractive deals. Many companies are already extending Black Friday to a Black Weekend or even a Black Week. Most likely we all have been looking for a bargain here and there. This is totally human and understandable, because after all, who is not happy to save money.
But even in a shopping frenzy we should ask ourselves before making a purchase decision why the item is so cheap and under what circumstances it was produced; of course this also applies to clothing!

Did you know that on average 22 people are involved in the production of a shirt? And this number only applies to the manufacturing process (Source). Garment workers often have to struggle with unsafe working conditions, forced overtime and low wages. The Fair Wear Foundation and its member companies are actively trying to tackle these problems. We at IRIEDAILY have also made it our goal to improve the working conditions for the workers in our factories.

For this reason, we are happy to participate as a Fair Wear Leader in their campaign #peoplefriendlyfashion. This way we want to give you the inspiration how, where and from which brands you can buy Fair Fashion! More information about the Fair Friday, the campaign and fair brands can be found on these two pages:

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