Fashion Revolution Week 2021

Fashion Revolution Week 2021

The Fashion Revolution Week will take place again from 19th – 25th April 2021.
The Fashion Revolution Day was introduced as a global day of action after one of the largest textile factories, named Rana Plaza, collapsed in Bangladesh on 24 April 2013, killing 1138 people. The day of action now takes place annually, has been expanded to a whole week of action and is intended to provide more transparency and more “fair fashion” in the fashion industry.
Of course, a revolution in the fashion industry cannot be limited to just one week a year. The English organisation Fashion Revolution is committed to change and improvement throughout the year and has already triggered a worldwide movement.
The annual Fashion Revolution Week also features the #whomademyclothes campaign, which encourages brands and producers to respond with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes and demonstrate transparency in their supply chain.

For IRIEDAILY a transparent supply chain has always been part of the company’s philosophy. That is why we are happy to participate in this campaign. See here some people who work in our production facilities in Portugal and China. Especially during these difficult times, it is important to show that every human has a voice that needs to be heard. Let’s value the people who make our clothes!

In addition, Fashion Revolution Germany calls on people to wear their clothes inside out on Fashion Revolution Day and thus show the label “Made in…”. We are happy to participate in this campaign as well and have asked some IRIEWORKERS to contribute a few photos for the campaign. The photo series will be online in the coming days. Here is a sneak preview from Christian:
If you also wanted to participate in the campaign, you can find the assets and templates here!

Workers of the CPC factory in Bairro, Portugal

Fashion Revolution Week IRIEDAILY CPC

Staff of the Lucky Top Fabric in Jiangsu, China

Fashion Revolution Week IRIEDAILY Lucky Top

Staff of the Gofer Fabric in Trofa, Portugal

Fashion Revolution Week 2020

Also last year we participated in the #whomademyclothes campaign and asked the workers in our factories to send us some photos.Take a look:

Workers of the Felmac factory in Póvoa do Varzim, Portugal

Fashion Revolution Week IRIEDAILY Portugal Felmac

Meet Sandra, Susana, Claudia, Fatima, Joana & Paula! Together they have more than 44 years of professional experience at our producer Felmac in Portugal. Even in these difficult times, they make your clothes. All our factories have adapted their working conditions and standards to guarantee sufficient distance between workers and to meet hygiene requirements.

Fashion Revolution Week IRIEDAILY Portugal Felmac

Sandra is a Portuguese colleague working since 17 years for the factory Felmac where we produce mainly T-shirts and longsleeves. Did you know that we started our production over 20 years ago in Portugal? If you want to know more about our history, our philosophy or our engagement for better working conditions, check out this page.

Workers of the Eurosas factory in Góios Barcelos, Portugal

Fashion Revolution Week IRIEDAILY Portugal Eurosas

This is our team from Eurosas factory. Normally they are producing your sweatshirts, hoodies and T-shirts. Due to the current situation and their will to help us they are now sewing the new Smirie masks which will be available soon. We are producing together with this factory since more than 9 years now, and we are very grateful that we are working closely together in these difficult times.
We want to thank all the workers for their support. You can also count on us!

Workers of the Lucky Top factory in Jiangsu, China

Fashion Revolution Week IRIEDAILY China Lucky Top

As the factory installed an entire production floor that is specially designed for manufacturing with sustainable materials, the team is excited to further develop their skills. The production line will be able to process, among other things, organic cotton.

Fashion Revolution Week IRIEDAILY China

Do you know who made your clothes? We will take you behind the scenes to meet some of our workers. This is Mr. Cao and he is working in this factory in Jiangsu for 9 years now. 

Fashion Revolution Week IRIEDAILY China

This is Ms. Wang, she is working for our supplier LuckyTop since more than six years producing among others garments for IRIEDAILY.

Fashion Revolution Week IRIEDAILY China

This is Mr. He. He is working for the factory Jiangsu LuckyTop, where me mainly produce our IRIEDAILY jackets, since 8 years.

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