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Fashion Revolution Week 2022

This year, Fashion Revolution Week will take place from 18 April to 24 April 2022 under the slogan “Money Fashion Power”. The Fashion Revolution Day was introduced as a global day of action after one of the largest textile factories, named Rana Plaza, collapsed in Bangladesh on 24 April 2013, killing 1138 people. In the meantime, the day of action takes place annually, has been expanded into an entire week of action and is intended to ensure more transparency and more “fair fashion” in the fashion industry.
Of course, a revolution in the fashion industry cannot be limited to just one week of the year. The English organization Fashion Revolution campaigns for change and improvement throughout the year and has now sparked a worldwide movement.

For IRIEDAILY, a transparent supply chain has always been part of the company’s philosophy. Since 2016 we are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and work together for safe working conditions and fair wages for the workers at our producers in China and Portugal.

©Fashion Revolution
©Fashion Revolution
©Fashion Revolution

Money Fashion Power

This year’s Fashion Revolution Week is themed “Money Fashion Power” to raise awareness about the exploitation of workers in the manufacturing textile industry and the environment/resources. The majority of people who make our clothes are not paid enough, while big brands and retailers are rewarded with more and more profit and growth. Overconsumption and fast fashion also continue to intensify the climate crisis.

As a fashion company, we are aware of these problems and actively try to fight against these trends. Together with Fair Wear, we ensure fair working conditions in our production facilities. This also includes the fair payment of all workers who produce IRIEDAILY styles in Portugal and China. As Portugal is a member of the EU, high labor and safety standards apply by law in all Portuguese factories and payment of the minimum wage is guaranteed, which is paid 14 times a year as is usual in Portugal. Currently, we produce 45% of our production volume there.
The outsourcing of the remaining production volume to China came with a great responsibility for us. Fortunately, we are observing positive developments with regard to social issues, environmental concerns and the associated regulations. Together with Fair Wear, we are actively working to ensure compliance with labor and safety standards in our Chinese factories. For production in China, we have already achieved the first milestone in paying living wages that exceed the legal minimum wage. Thanks to our long-standing and trusting partnership with our supplier LuckyTop, we are currently able to pay a living wage for 50% of our production in China. The remaining workers in our production facilities receive at least the statutory minimum wage, but usually more. This important issue will continue to occupy us in the future, because living wages are a MUST if we want to achieve sustainable change in the garment industry.

We have also been able to achieve some successes in the area of sustainability in recent years. For several years, we have ensured that most of our products contain no animal ingredients and can be labeled vegan. For this reason, we have been “Peta-approved” vegan since 2020. In addition, the switch to recycled or organic materials is in full swing. We have managed to convert 71% of the Spring/Summer ’21 and 77% of the Fall/Winter ’21 collection to sustainable or recycled materials. In 2022, we expect this number to increase to 86%.

Spring/Summer '21 71%
Fall/Winter '21 77%
Expectation 2022 86%

Fashion Revolution Week 2021

Last year Fashion Revolution Germany called on people to wear their clothes inside out on Fashion Revolution Day to show the label “Made in…”. We were happy to participate and asked some IRIEWORKERS to contribute a few photos for the campaign.

Factory Visits Portugal 2021

Our CSR team regularly visits our production sites to check working conditions on site and take action in the event of issues. These factory visits were accompanied by camera in the summer 2021, which means we can now provide even more transparent insights into our production in Portugal. You can find the summary of these factory visits in this clip:

#whomademyclothes Kampage

The annual Fashion Revolution Week also features the #whomademyclothes campaign, which encourages brands and producers to respond with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes and demonstrate transparency in their supply chain. For IRIEDAILY, a transparent supply chain has always been part of the company’s philosophy. That’s why we were happy to participate in this campaign for the last two years. See here some people working in our production facilities in Portugal and China.

CPC in Bairro, Portugal

Fashion Revolution Week IRIEDAILY CPC

Lucky Top in Jiangsu, China

Fashion Revolution Week IRIEDAILY Lucky Top
Fashion Revolution Week IRIEDAILY China Lucky Top

Gofer in Trofa, Portugal

Felmac in Póvoa do Varzim, Portugal

Fashion Revolution Week IRIEDAILY Portugal Felmac

Eurosas in Góios Barcelos, Portugal

Fashion Revolution Week IRIEDAILY Portugal Eurosas
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