MISSION: Spreading the Folk, Blues and Dub!

FINK: Musik!

Finian Greenall aka FINK is one of our IRIEMEMBERS and inspires us with his mix of folk, blues, dub, indie and post-rock.

It’s actually surprising that he turned his attention to electro and trip hop as a teenager. At the end of the 90’s two EP’s were released, which make use of the electronic genre, but his solo debut failed shortly after the turn of the century. Then FINK disappeared from the scene for 6 years and returned in 2006. But as a singer/songwriter with the album “Biscuits For Breakfast”. This was followed by festival appearances, support for other bands and finally his song This Is The Thing became part of a British mastercard advertisement.

Meanwhile FINK lives in Berlin and released his 6th studio album “Resurgam” on 15th September 2017!

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Twitter: @finkmusic
Instagram: @finkmusic


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