FIXEDPOTT was founded in 2012 in the “Ruhrpott” and has developed into one of the most successful German Fixed Gear Teams.

Björn „Atom“

Website: http://fixedpott.info/
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We are Fixedpott, the fastest German Fixed Gear racing team.

We are inspired by the joy of cycling, the respect for sporting achievements and the hard way to get there, and the international cooperation in the fixed gear cycling scene.

In 2012 we started as a loose association of bicycle-loving friends. Now, four years later, we are the most successful German Fixed Gear racing team. And we know that there is even more.

Today Fixedpott consists of eleven team members from the Ruhr area, Berlin, Offenbach, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. We work, study or do both. Nevertheless, we find the time to train, improve and participate in many races in Germany, Europe, the USA and Asia.

Our passion is what keeps us going: road racing with fixed gear.

Since 2013 we have participated in many different races and events, but our main focus is on the classic circuit races, the so-called criteria. Speed is just as important as driving skills, because our bicycles have two special features: on the one hand, they only have a fixed gear so that the pedals never stand still, and on the other hand, we drive without additional brakes. All this happens at top speeds of up to 60 km/h.

In the past few years, we decided to raise our sporting activities to a new, more professional level and focused on our aim: to place ourselves successfully as often as possible in the races in which we participated. We were successful in doing this several times: In most cases we were able to enjoy top 10 rankings, often our team members achieved a podium place. We gained our reputation as the fastest German team with a lot of blood, sweat and training hours and we would like to keep it this season and expand it further.

We are many – and we give everything for the team

This year we have grown the size of our team once again. We are now a total of seven male riders and two female riders, who will be highly motivated and concentrated in each race to get the best for Fixedpott and German Fixed Gear racing. The team is complemented by our own photographer, a press and marketing manager and a well-connected manager. That offers not only excellent results in the race but also interesting content and pictures for our sponsors and advertising partners.

Of course, this would not be possible without the help of our courageous sponsors who are helping us in so many ways. We would like to thank you for that.

We have the partners, the will and the heart to continue to achieve great things – and we don’t want to lose track of our great love: cycling.(FIXEDPOTT about FIXEDPOTT)

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