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4500€ for OroVerde and the project to save the mangrove forests in Honduras

Our Green Weekend 2022 is over! As in previous years, we decided not to participate in the big Black Friday sales and instead give 20% of the net sales generated during the four days of our Green Weekend to the tropical forest foundation OroVerde. This year we have chosen to support a project dedicated to saving and protecting mangrove forests in Honduras. We are happy to announce that we were able to send 4500€ to OroVerde! Thank you to everyone who purchased from us during Green Weekend and made this great sum possible 💚💚💚

Mangrove forests are superheroes against climate change! They store large amounts of CO2, stabilize the coasts with their strongly branched roots, provide protection against erosion and flooding and give many coastal creatures a home. But unfortunately many mangrove forests are massively endangered by waste, aquaculture and deforestation. Together with local partners, OroVerde is working to protect and regenerate the remaining mangrove forests in the Gulf of Fonseca. The 4500€ will support the mangrove project in Honduras.

©OroVerde - L.Krings

Updates from Honduras

Together with local partners, OroVerde has already achieved first successes in Honduras. Of the planned 50 hectares of mangrove forest, 22 hectares have already been reforested! The care is ensured by the surrounding communities. In addition, a garbage truck was purchased for the communities of Marcovia and Nacome, which now collects the trash of the surrounding villages on the newly organized routes for garbage collection. Project weeks on the subject of waste and recycling were held at four school centers.
To monitor and control water quality in the Gulf of Fonseca, a research laboratory has been established on Pacar Island. Students from the Institute of Geosciences at the University of Tegucigalpa now regularly take water samples and analyze them. This monitoring is important for planning and reviewing further ecosystem protection measures and justifying them to the political authorities. 75 of 150 artificial reefs have already been sunk, increasing biodiversity in the Gulf.


Next steps of the mangrove project

– Expansion of the transnational monitoring concept for 3,000 hectares of mangrove forest
– Site search for the new waste disposal site in Nacome
– Acquisition of the second garbage truck
– Reforestation of the remaining 28 hectares of mangrove forest
– Sinking of the remaining 75 artificial reefs
– Optimization of water quality data collection and analysis

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