Guppyfriend Washing bag

GUPPYFRIEND – Scientifically approved solution against microplastic pollution from washing

Good news: We have teamed up with GUPPYFRIEND and now offer this great product in our online shop. GUPPYFRIEND is a washing bag that reduces the microplastic pollution caused by laundry washing. The bag was created by the non-profit organization STOP! Micro Waste, which draws attention to the plastic problem and implements solutions to avoid plastic.

You haven’t heard anything about microplastic pollution? We’ll explain it to you!
Most of our clothing is made of synthetic materials and plastics. When washing laundry in the washing machine, broken plastic fibres from the clothes get into the oceans and rivers via the waste water. A considerable damage for the environment.
This infographics shows the problem exactly:


How it works

The washing bag stops the microplastic fibres from getting out of the clothes and into the waste water and thus into the rivers and oceans. After washing, the broken fibres get stuck in the corners of the washing bag and can easily be disposed of.

It’s that simple:
1. store clothes in the GUPPYFRIEND washing bag before washing
2. wash the laundry in the closed bag as usual
3. remove wet clothes from the bag
4. remove microplastic fibres from the inside of the bag by hand and dispose of with residual waste

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Facts about the GUPPYFRIEND washing bag

– The material is untreated, undyed and contains no additives
– Use for medical purposes possible
– The bag itself does not lose any microplastic fibres
– The filled washing bag can and should be washed together with loose garments
– It is also possible to wash with several washing bags at the same time
– Not to be used in the tumble dryer
– Fibre breakage is reduced, clothing is protected

TEN FOR THE OCEAN washing guide

With these 10 steps and tips you can change your washing behaviour and become a “Green Washer” in a positive sense:

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