Hansa 07 x IRIEDAILY Trikot Release | 25.10.2019 Brand Store Berlin

RECAP: Hansa 07 x IRIEDAILY Trikot Release at Brand Store Berlin

Better late than never! We still owe you a little recap from the Hansa x IRIE tricot release event. To put it briefly: It was absolutely great! Almost as good as a Hansa victory 😉

Many Hanseats found their way to us in the Brand Store to have a look at the new tricot. Many liked the new shirt right away!
Surprise guest was the bear from Berlin gegen Nazis, DJ Hermi created a great atmosphere with his anti-racism beats. After IRIE CEO Walter Molt handed over the new yellow long-sleeved tricot to Hansa manager Christian Haberecht, the party really started. There was also a lot going on with the printing press – many jerseys, shirts and co. were upgraded with the “Catenaccio gegen Rassismus” logo. Of course, a lot of beer was emptied and that happened quite fast.
It was a blast! Thanks to everyone who was there!

Since pictures say more than 1000 words, here is the evening in pictures:


Once again we teamed up with one of our favorite Kreuzberg soccer clubs FSV Hansa 07 and created a new tricot!
The official presentation of the new Hansa tricot and the new hoody happens on 25.10.2019 at the IRIEDAILY Brand Store Berlin.

Program: Opening speech of Hansa 07 and IRIEDAILY + presentation of the new tricot with street catwalk (wannabe models please step forward). Free cold drinks & DJ Hermi with anti-racism beats.

Motto: “Catenaccio gegen Rassismus” with an exclusive print action: IRIEDAILY prints our claim live on the shirts and tricots you bring with you.

Dress code: Yellow black & rainbow! Let’s color the Heinrichplatz in front of the Iriedaily-Store yellow-black and and let’s dress up in merch and tricots like it’s home game at Wrangelritze: 1 + 1 = 36.

A word about the sad reality: Racism unfortunately does not only exist on the football pitch but also manifests itself every day in our society. Whether dark-skinned players in stadiums are mocked with monkey sounds, whether national players such as Mesut Özil, Jerome Boateng, Leroy Sané or Serge Gnabry are personally attacked at international matches (and social media) because they are not “German” enough for certain asshole fans, whether our Hansa players are racist insulted by opponents and spectators on amateur courts, whether German Reich flags and Nazi symbols are shown in stadium curves, every single incident is one incident too much.

The killing spree in Halle was not the act of a single right-wing extremist perpetrator; in reality, behind it were huge networks of neo-Nazis and anti-Semites and old fascists disguised as democratic AFDlers, who stir up hatred in their right-wing extremist Internet forums and App groups on a daily basis and encourage each other to carry out such heinous attacks. The Nazi underground has long been sitting on the surface by now. When AFD chairman Gauland calls the Holocaust the “bird shit of history,” this is a perfidious relativization intended exclusively to make any form of racism socially acceptable in everyday life. Of course, this bird-shit is primarily to be found in the brains of these right-wing national arsonists.

On the football pitch and in everyday life, Hansa 07 has always shown solidarity with people affected by racism. At Hansa 07 more than 1000 members from the most different countries and cultures kick, which complement and respect each other. We are ONE TEAM on the pitch.

Together with our friends from IRIEDAILY we show racism once again the red card. Together we form an indivisible defensive bar against all forms of discrimination in football, sport and in all areas of our society. No foot width to the racist! The rainbow flag on our new tricot stands for colorful diversity, tolerance and freedom. Play different, play free!

Original text by Hermann Kalteis, Hansa 07 – translated into English by IRIEDAILY

What: Hansa 07 x IRIEDAILY Tricot Release
When: 25.10.2019 from 18h
Where: IRIEDAILY Brand Store Berlin, Oranienstraße 194, 10999 Berlin
Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/542955373126220/
Admission: Free