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Beginning of February the new Youtube format I Love To Jam by musician Samuel G. Mpungu aka MPNG has started. Sam loves to jam (check out his Instagram profile and convince yourself) and that’s why he created this new format with the motto “Music connects”. But what’s it all about? He explains the concept like this: “I want to exchange with authentic artists verbally as well as musically.” Sounds simple, but great! Usually the interviews in the episodes are in German, good chance to improve your German skills. Anyway, you can watch and listen to the performed songs at the end. Good News: Episode 8 with Emily Roberts is an episode in English. Have fun!

How does an episode look like? After a short introduction, an in-depth and authentic conversation with the guest follows before the jam session with the artist and a band begins. The format is recorded at the Student Hotel in the heart of Berlin. This location ensures a cozy and modern atmosphere. You can expect great conversations and performances! The production of the show was supervised by RAD Production and sound engineer Dennis Metz.

The band that musically accompanies MPNG and the artists consists of four talented musicians who all have great references: Rich On Drums (Randy Crawford), Florian Lipphardt (Andrea Berg), Manith Bertz (Yvonne Catterfeld, Samy Deluxe) and Anna Minges (Michael Jackson Tribute).

Episode 8 – Emily Roberts (English Episode)

For episode 8 of “I Love To Jam” MPNG has this time invited the German-British singer-songwriter Emily Roberts. In this episode there is a little premiere: For the first time the conversation is in English. Her song ” Bittersweet Symphony” together with Gamper & Dadoni and “In this Together” hit the roof and became real hits. Emily Roberts is also a radio host and Youtube show host. In the interview she talks about being on tour with James Blunt, how IKEA can destroy a relationship and about her new album. At the end you can look forward to two brand new songs from her album – of course performed together with MPNG and the band. Have fun!

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/NlSlsl2mUks

Episode 7 – MC Fitti

In episode 7, rapper MC Fitti is the guest! The rapper with full beard, cap and sunglasses from Gifhorn has a lot to tell. Among other things, there’s news about his latest album, the story of how he stepped on Rita Ora’s toes and a conversation about his unusual career. On top there are even two songs that are jammed this time – one of them from his new album. Have fun!

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/e5BNzuFTMJk

Episode 6 – Nico Suave & EMY

In the sixth episode of “I Love To Jam” rapper Nico Suave and singer EMY were guests. The two recently released their joint song “Camouflage”. For newcomer EMY it is the first single, Nico Suave, on the other hand, has been in the music business for many years. In an interview with MPNG, the two tell how they met and how their joint song was created. First, Nico is in the interview and performs his song “Walking” with the band. After that EMY joins the conversation – at the end you can of course look forward to the performances of the song “Camouflage”.

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/1U-hLpD8BRA

Episode 5 – Santiago Ziesmer (German voice of Spongebob) & Caliimusik

In the fifth episode of “I Love To Jam” Santiago Ziesmer and Caliimusik were guests! Santiago’s voice may sound very familiar to many of you, as he is the German dubbing voice of Spongebob Squarepants. Calii is known through TikTok, where he has more than 290k followers. But how do the two fit together? First and foremost, the two are connected by a friendship and now also by a collaborative song titled ” Wunden” (Wounds). In the interview, the two share how they met and how their friendship led to a song together. In the end MPNG, Santiago and Calii jam the song together with the band. Great episode!

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/4O_vOvldibA

Episode 4 – Onkel Banjou

In the latest episode of “I Love To Jam” MPNG invited entertainer Onkel Banjou as a guest! Onkel Banjou is a newcomer in German rap who managed to successfully promote his song “Good Vibes Only” through TikTok! On TikTok, Onkel Banjou crossed the 1 million follower mark within just a few months – he used this reach to push his musical career and had great success with it. He spoke to MPNG about his journey in music and also spills the beans on Busta Rhymes and TikTok. A truly inspiring artist with a great mindset! At the end of the episode you can listen to a live performance of Onkel Banjou’s song “Good Vibes Only”. Enjoy!

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/JdBgdV_NBro

Third Episode – Rola

The third episode of “I Love To Jam” is out now! This time the guest was singer Rola, who has become an indispensable part of German-language RnB music. At the age of 16, Rola already signed her first record deal and was supporting Rihanna on tour at the age of 17. Afterwards she graduated from the school for fashion and clothing and has now also launched her own fashion label “Tillilli”. After some features, a couple of solo releases followed. Her second album “Venus” was released at the beginning of April. She also talks about this album with MPNG in the current episode. And they talk about gratitude and Rola’s secret behind her radiance and charisma as well. After the great talk you can look forward to another very special live performance. Have fun!

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/-G7urzZVMrU

Second Episode – Teesy Tones

In the second episode, which was released brand new on 21.03.21, singer, rapper and multi-instrumentalist Teesy Tones was the guest at “I Love To Jam”. The 30-year-old musician from Berlin is definitely no stranger to the German music world. His music is a skillful mix of rap and pop, with influences from RnB and soul. His debut album “Glücksrezepte” was released in 2014, followed by the album “Wünschdirwas” in 2016 and the album “Tones” two years later.
After the inspiring conversation between Teesy and MPNG, follows a great live version of Teesy’s song “Wesley”. Enjoy!

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/kWS-Wdksndg

First Episode – Julianna Townsend

In the first episode, which will be released on 07 February 2021, singer and model Julianna Townsend was the guest. The 23-year-old musician belongs to the modern hip-hop-R&B world. She has already toured with several bands throughout Europe. In 2020, her debut EP “Day One” was released, the new single “Trigger” will be available on 19.02.2021.In addition to her passion for music, Julianna also devotes herself to modeling. In 2018, she ranked second on “Germany’s Next Top Model,” which was followed by several major TV advertising campaigns. A really exciting first guest! After the deep conversation, you can look forward to a special live version of Julianna’s song “Hold On Me”. You can watch the whole episode again here.

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/DFxfyj4-P-E

About Samuel G. Mpungu aka MPNG

Sam is 27 years old and has been a professional musician for over 10 years. He is a bass player, singer and producer and has already played in front of more than 1 million people. He has been on tour with music legends like Limp Bizkit, Method Man, Sido or Alvaro Soler. If you would like to learn bass, you can take part in Sam’s online bass lessons and benefit from his many years of experience. He also makes music himself under the artist name MPGN – check it out! Attentive IRIE fans may have already noticed that Sam has modeled for some product pics in our online store. A real all-rounder!

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