IRIEDAILY Podcast Episode 1 Simon Schirmer en

IRIEDAILY Podcast – Episode 1 | Simon Schirmer on design, pigeons, Fynn Kliemann and the universe

Podcast friends, listen up! We’ve been giving you regular Podcast Recommendations for a while now. But now we have a very special recommendation for you, because we have just started our own IRIEDAILY Podcast! As we have not been able to invite you to “offline events” for ages due to the current situation, from now on we will come to your home in compliance with all AHA rules. The podcast is in German though, but it’s a great opportunity to practice your German skills, isn’t it?

In the new IRIEDAILY Podcast, we invite a different person from the art and culture scene to talk to us in each episode. In the first episode, illustrator and artist Simon Schirmer from Hanover is our guest. Maybe you don’t know Simon yet. But you certainly know his handwriting! Because almost everywhere the multi-talented Fynn Kliemann is, Simon Schirmer’s distinctive letters appear as well.
The first episode of the IRIEDAILY Podcast is about Simon’s love of risomachines and outer space. Simon also talks about how he met Fynn Kliemann and why he was threatened with a bat on his first night on the houseboat.

IRIEDAILY and especially Sebastian Becker hope you enjoy the first episode. Sebastian recently joined us as an intern and brought this podcast to life. He studies media management in Salzgitter, is an artist on the side (you can find him on Instagram under @tschieftschief) and is as bad at introductory texts as most people 😆

P.S.: It’s worth listening to the podcast not only because of the interesting conversation between Sebastian and Simon, but also because of the discount code for the IRIEDAILY online shop that is hidden in the episode. And if you liked the episode, feel free to leave us a review or a subscription!

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