ITEMS OF THE WEEK #121: Irievarsity Hoodie

Bit by bit the first styles of the new Spring/Summer 2022 collection are coming online. The new Item of the Week is the Irievarsity Hoodie and the first IOTW from the new collection!

The Irievarsity Hoodie takes you into the theme of “Retro College” – one of the hot trend themes of the Spring/Summer ’22 collection. The large IRIEDAILY logo lettering on the front is definitely meant to remind you of the typical hoodies of elite universities and thus spreads real retro college vibes. But what’s not retro at all about this hoodie is the material: The vegan sweater is made of 100% organic cotton!

Be curious what other styles the retro college trend has to offer. Sporty college looks reinterpreted in the Irievarsity!

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