ITEMS OF THE WEEK: The Heavy Backpack & the Heavy Rolltop

The new Items of the Week are not only really stylish, but also very practical! The Heavy Backpack or the Heavy Rolltop could be your new backpack for everyday life.

IRIEDAILY IOTW#13 Heavy Backpack & Heavy Rolltop

No.1: Heavy Backpack

The Heavy Backpack is made of strong cotton canvas. The flap is color contrasting with the rest of the backpack. The bottom and lower part are made of fake leather and are visually different from the rest of the backpack. The main compartment can be closed with a strap and a magnetic fastener. Under the flap is an additional compartment with zipper. The lining is fully printed with flaglogos and the shoulder straps are padded. The Heavy Backpack has a capacity of 12 litres and measures 42cm x 32cm x 9cm. Plenty of space for all your important things! Fake leather details add the finishing touches to the backpack. 100% vegan! The Heavy Backpack is available in four different colors.

IRIEDAILY IOTW#13 Heavy Backpack

No.2: Heavy Rolltop

The Heavy Rolltop is also made of strong cotton canvas and has similar features to the Heavy Backpack. The biggest difference is that the Heavy Rolltop can be closed with a strap and rolltop with a Velcro fastener. There is an additional compartment with zipper on the side and a laptop compartment on the inside. The front is contrasting in color with the rest of the backpack, details made of fake leather complete the look. The lining is printed with small flaglogos. Back and shoulder straps are padded. The Heavy Rolltop has a volume of 17 litres and measures 45cm x 34cm x 11cm. The height can be extended by an additional 20cm by the rolling part. 100% vegan!
Three different color ways are available.

IRIEDAILY IOTW#13 Heavy Rolltop