ITEMS OF THE WEEK #85: Jeremy Hemp Shorts & Jeremy Hemp Pants

This week is all about hemp! Because for the first time we also use the natural material hemp for the production of some products. This is also the case for the Items of the Week: The Jeremy Hemp Shorts and the Jeremy Hemp Pants.

The Jeremy Hemp Shorts are our first shorts made from a mix of organic cotton and hemp. The shorts come with adjustable waist with elastic band, button and zipper as well as front and back pockets. The button is further made from recycled plastic. Sustainable, vegan and fairly produced – what more could you wish for?

The “long version” of our hemp pants are the Jeremy Hemp Pants. These pants are also made of a mix of organic cotton and hemp, come with an adjustable waist with elastic band, button and zipper and are vegan. There are pockets in the front and back and the button was made from recycled plastic. Thumbs up!

About Hemp

As a textile material burdened with many prejudices for a long time, hemp now seems to be the „salvation“ of the modern sustainable textile industry. In contrast to cotton, the hemp plant need less water, is higher yielding, needs no pesticides or artificial fertilizers for growth and grows much faster than cotton. In addition, hemp can be used to produce a wide range of fibre thicknesses, so that the „scratchy“ image of hemp material is obsolete.

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