ITEMS OF THE WEEK #91: Hanf-Caps Edition

The new Items of the Week have one crucial thing in common – the Hempray Snapback, the  Faving Hemp Cap and the  Faving Cat Cap all have a hemp component in the material composition. Hemp plants, compared to cotton, require much less water, are higher yielding, do not need pesticides or artificial fertilizers and also grow much faster.

The Hempray Snapback convinces with a special material mix of hemp and cotton in chambray look! The flat visor made of organic cotton and the snap closure at the back are typical for this type of cap. The washable Flag Logo application made of paper and the contrasting colored visor especially stand out!

If you want to wear hemp on your head, we can recommend the Faving Hemp Cap! The 6-panel cap with a flat visor is made of a rayon and hemp mix. There is a small flag logo embroidery on the front and an adjustable metal closure on the back, allowing the cap to be customized to fit the shape of your head.

The Faving Cat Cap is also made of a rayon hemp mix, comes with a flat visor and metal closure at the back of the head and is vegan. On the front, our embroidered Bye Bye Cat has made itself comfortable.


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