IRIEDAILY friendly supports: Knotenpunkt Festival 2019

Knotenpunkt Festival 2019 | 20-29 September in Hamburg

Since 2013 our friends from the Affenfaust Galerie organize the Knotenpunkt Festival in Hamburg! Every year they invite artists to the Hanseatic city to present their works at the art festival. Over the past six years, the festival has brought together more than 18,000 visitors throughout Europe, including Berlin, Cologne, Vienna and Tel Aviv.
The festival has meanwhile firmly established itself in the contemporary, national and international art scene.

Cooperation with the Reeperbahn Festival

This year for the first time there will be a cooperation between the Knotenpunkt and the Reeperbahn Festival.

Together, the Heiligengeistfeld will be transformed into an artists’ village in which art, film, music and installations can be explored. The exhibition at the Affenfaust Galerie, curated by the gallery owners, forms the core of the festival’s hub: it presents greats of the international art world such as Shepard Fairey, MadC, 1010 or the artist duo Low Bros and shows the manifold differentiation of today’s artistic forms of expression and subcultures. Partly political, partly humorous or relevant through (auto)biographical aspects, these artistic points of view inspire the audience to reflect and think further. (Source)

Group exhibition in the Affenfaust Galerie

In addition to temporary installations, performances and live painting of walls in Heiligengeistfeld, the Affenfaust Galerie will host a large group exhibition of urban contemporary art by over 40 international artists.
Our Highlights:

The Hamburg-based artist deals with symbols, signs and the automatisms of our perception. His colour nuances are particularly spectacular, ending in an illusory black abyss.

Ana Barriga
The Spaniard uses humour and play to create unique works. The everyday objects and toys she paints are deconstructed and reassembled and modified afterwards. Ana is vandalizing her own works, in a way.

Ana Barriga
©Ana Barriga

Eike König
The graphic designer is best known for his project HORT. In the meantime, the project has developed into an interdisciplinary design studio with clients such as Nike, VW and the New York Times.

Edel Rodriguez
The Cuban is an internationally recognized visual artist. During his career he has created countless artworks for book publishers, advertising agencies and newspaper/magazine covers. His clients include TIME Magazine, Der Spiegel and The New York Times.

Elmar Lause
Elmar Lause is also called the master of collage. His works are actual collages, composed of different materials.

Guido Zimmermann
The Frankfurt-based artist is particularly committed to art in public spaces. As a canvas, he uses house facades and anything else that can be painted in urban space.

Laurence Valliéres
The artist from Montreal mainly builds animal sculptures out of cardboard!

Low Bros
The artist duo from Hamburg concentrates mostly on stylized animal figures with human features and deals with graffiti, hip-hop, skateboarding and other elements.

Low Bros
Venice Beach ©Low Bros

The artist collective from Berlin uses photography for urban interventions. Everyday objects are transformed or reinterpreted.

The Hamburg sculptor crew installs sculptural objects in public space. Styrodur and Styropor are often used. PUSH means to bring each other forward, to push things and to take initiative.

The British street art artist is best known for his Little People. He creates tiny worlds in ours that we wouldn’t even notice without his photographs.

©Slinkachu The Jetty

Tizian Baldinger
The Swiss artist is best known for his installations. He builds shrill worlds with colourful fluorescent tubes, wood, plastic and found objects.

Opening Hours

Saturday – Sunday, 21.09. – 22.09. / 13 – 19h
Monday, 23.09. /closed
Tuesday – Thursday, 24.09. – 26.09. / 15 – 19h
Friday, 27.09. / closed
Saturday, 28.09. / 13 – 22h Lateview
Sunday, 29.09. / 13 – 18h

When: 11-15 September 2019
Where: Affenfaust Galerie, Paul-Roosen-Straße 43, 22767
Admission fee: 6€ – free entry with valid Reeperbahn Festival wristband