IRIEMEMBER Lara Lessmann: Gold at Youth Olympic Games

Gold medal for IRIEMEMBER Lara Lessmann in Freestyle BMX

The 2018 Olympic Youth Summer Games are currently taking place in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The German team participated with 44 juniors and 31 juniors. The games are being held for the third time this year, and athletes aged 14-18 are eligible to participate. Like the Olympic Games for adults, the Games are divided into Summer and Winter Games and are also coordinated by the IOC. In cycling, only mountain biking and BMX sports are considered. And in the latter discipline Germany won gold!

The duo Lara Lessmann and Evan Brandes won the gold medal in the mixed BMX-Freestyle competition. Congratulations to them! We are especially happy that our IRIEMEMBER Lara Lessmann was first. The 18-year-old was born in Flensburg, but grew up in Berlin and attended the sports school in Köpenick. So it is obvious that she is at home on the ramps of Mellowpark in Wuhlheide. At the age of 9 she started to ride BMX, today she is on the podium of the Youth Olympics and belongs to the world leaders in her age group. Great performance!

In 2020 BMX-Freestyle will be Olympic for the first time. Perfect time for Lara. We are already keeping our fingers crossed that she will win the next gold medal there! 😉

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Lara Lessmann Youth Olympics Games
Lara Lessmann
Lara Lessmann Youth Olympics Games
Lara Lessmann Youth Olympics Games

Pics by “TeamDeutschland”