Mission: trying to spend as much time in the water as possible anywhere!


Surfing is without any doubt a really awesome sport. Looks super cool, sea and sun are always good too. Lilly von Treuenfels is also completely enthusiastic about this sport and is one of the most talented young surfing talents in Germany.

In addition to surfing Lilly also likes to do one thing above all else: travelling. She is a real globetrotter and with her 18 years she has travelled and lived in many countries. Lilly was born on the 26th September 1999 in Cape Town, South Africa. However, in 2000 she moved back to Hamburg with her family and grew up in Eppendorf. When Lilly and her family moved to Barbados, she discovered her passion for surfing. When she was back in Germany one year later, Lilly missed the waves and surfing, so she travelled with only 12 years to France for 3 months, went to school there and surfed endlessly. After that she didn’t want to stay no longer in Hamburg and so Lilly spent 6 months in Costa Rica at the age of 14 . Surfing is included of course. One year later she moved with her family to Curacao. Because the Caribbean doesn’t offer the perfect waves, Lilly moved to Lanzarote, where she now lives, surfs and graduated from high school. During the holidays she worked as a surf coach for kids in France and used it to prepare for competitions.

You’ve been around a lot, Lilly! Nevertheless, she participated in competitions, constantly trained to improve herself and since 2010 she is a member of the German Junior National Team (with the team she has also been in Peru, Ecuador and Panama). Lilly’s greatest success to date has been in 2016. One year earlier, she just failed and “only” ranked second in the German Junior Championships. 2016 then the success: Lilly became German Junior Champion!

Now she is looking for her own master plan and worked together with ifeelfine tv and talentsandpros to produce her image film on the Maldives from 18th to 28th June 2017. We are happy to support and sponsor Lilly on her way to becoming a world leader. Keep going, Lilly!

Check her image film here:

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Video-Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By97qhF9Z58


Facebook: www.facebook.com/waterlillysurfer
Instagram: @lillytreuenfels
Lilly at talentsandpro: Lilly von Treuenfels

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