IRIEDAILY TREND: Logo & Lettering

IRIEDAILY Spring/Summer Trend “Logo & Lettering”

To keep you up to date and highlight special “hot sellers”, we give you our IRIEDAILY trend recommendations and show you which items of the current collection you definitely shouldn’t miss!
This article focuses on items with logos and lettering. We’ve put together some must-have pieces for you when it comes to logo & lettering:

What is a logo and why is it so important?

By definition, a logo is a graphic symbol that represents a company and its corporate identity and corporate design.
This is quite theoretical. Let’s put it this way: Logos are very present today and it’s hard to imagine life without them. And that’s because it reflects the identity of a company.  It’s also easy to remember and allows you to recognize a brand’s products at first glance.

So far, so good. What exactly is the meaning of our logo?

The IRIEDAILY logo shows a feather and a sword crossing each other. The feather is placed over the sword, which symbolizes that the word is mightier than the sword. In other words: creativity over populism.
Also included is the “est. 1994” – the founding year of IRIEDAILY. We are proud to look back on almost 25 years of company history.
The logo is complemented by the IRIEDAILY lettering in the “no matter” style. There in the Y is our famous Glyph logo with which Irie “grew up” (on the occasion of the 25th anniversary this logo will also appear here and there – be curious). Can you find the abbreviation ID in it?
Here you can find more information about the brand and our DNA 🙂

And finally, what is Lettering?

Basically it is the specific use of lettering, whereby colour, font, letter design etc. can differ. In our collection, lettering is expressed by the various Iriedaily lettering designs.


Don’t miss this trend and fly the flag with the Logo & Lettering styles of IRIEDAILY!