Circles Niko Schwind & Felix Raphael, Video by Lisa Wassmann

“Circles” by Niko Schwind & Felix Raphael [A Tribe Called Kotori] | Music video by Lisa Wassmann

Our Music Radar has discovered a new song that we really like and we want to share it with you. The electronic track by Niko Schwind & Felix Raphael is called “Circles”. The special thing: The music video for the song was shot and produced in Japan by the Berlin photographer Lisa Wassmann. Check it out!

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Release Info

Niko Schwind and Lisa Wassmann have known each other working on projects for the Berlin Music Label Stil Vor Talent.They decided due to the current situation to work on this project as a way to support each other, publish this meaningful track with a visual message and in conjunction with the beautifully eerie voice of Felix Raphael.

From Lisa:

“When I left Berlin a month ago to visit Japan for the first time everything was still normal in the city. A couple of days later the news from Berlin came in. Then I heard a bit of Niko and Felix track and that inspired me to go out and capture this weird and between feeling I had and walking the city helped to cope with the situation of being alone with my thoughts.”

From Niko & Felix

“I started the track Circles at home in my kitchen and instantly fell in love with the basic idea. Somehow Felix came directly into my mind for some vocals. I was in contact with him but we never had the chance to work together. I sent him the loop and he added vocals and some other elements. After these two sessions without seeing each other I started the arrangement of the track. Then we met up at my studio to finish the track together. We were totally on the same page and had a really smooth and effective work flow.”

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