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Music Radar: „Translucent“ – EP from Dilemma District

We have already presented the first single “All In My Head” by Dilemma District. Now the first EP “Translucent” is finally released! At first listen you will hardly believe that this is not a multi-member band. “Translucent” is the very first EP by Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist Kian Kantorowicz aka Dilemma District. We think the EP turned out awesome, check it out!

But who could better say something about the song than the artist himself? Kian aka Dilemma District has written a few words for our music radar:

I’ve been making music for almost my whole life, I’ve played in many bands but there was always something that didn’t satisfy me. Whether it was the band constellation, the songwriting or just the kind of music. I started Dilemma District with the idea of creating a band out of it someday. When the time comes, songs already exist, the style is determined and so I hope to find musicians whose taste I meet exactly.

On the 19 August 2022 my 1. EP “Translucent” will be released. For the first time I tried to record everything myself like drums, bass, guitar, keys and vocals. It worked but it was a long way.

(Translated by IRIEDAILY)

“All In My Head” – Dilemma District’s 1st single

There was a time when I went through the day and night quite driven by thoughts. I was aware of the solution to change things and behaviors that bothered me, however, I always repressed them and put them off until tomorrow. Everything was going on in my head and I knew exactly that in order to make a change, I had to change. “All In My Head” is about being invulnerable and the greatest in your mind, but waking up from your head cinema to realize it was all a dream. “It was all a dream, it was all in my head”.

In “All In My Head” I did the songwriting, guitar, bass and vocals. All this was produced by my good friend Francesco Singelmann, who also contributed the synthesizers. For the drums I got professional help from Robert Baumann.

I have never written a song that was finished so quickly. One morning I was listening to Marvin Gaye and was fascinated by the “soulful” and “funky” chords. I picked up my guitar and tried to pick out everything I could. Shortly after that the basic structure was created and the rest went very fast. It took perhaps 2 complete studio days until the song was finished.

(Translated by IRIEDAILY)

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