Your tips & tricks for a more sustainable Christmas

Here are your tips & tricks for a more sustainable Christmas

On day 14 of our IRIEDAILY Advent calendar we asked you for tips & tricks to help make Christmas more sustainable. Especially in the pre-Christmas period, online sales are skyrocketing and every year tons of wrapping paper are consumed, which then end up in the garbage.

We received a lot of great tips & tricks from you! Thanks a lot for that!
And because we were so inspired, we have put together this list of your helpful ideas:

  • Give away unused things / gifts from recent years
  • Carefully unpack gifts and reuse the wrapping paper
  • Alternatives to gift wrapping paper: old newspaper/ comics, just a simple bow, gift bags & boxes for reuse, tea towels, fabric, children’s artworks, jute bags, wooden boxes, no need to use any of these
  • Give away regional products
  • Give away time together and activities instead of material things
  • Christmas decoration with timers and LED
  • Rentable Christmas trees, which are replanted later
  • Christmas tree decorations made of natural materials
  • Sustainable gift ideas: Seed calendar with implantable pages, homemade jam, egg liqueur, cookies & other products, beeswax cloths, stainless steel boxes, glass straws, natural soap
  • Make Christmas dinner from regional products
  • Shared gifts instead of many individual gifts
  • Giving away vouchers to avoid returns & exchanges
  • Donate for planting new trees per purchased gift
  • Compensating for the CO2 emissions of the Christmas party
  • Give away CO2 certificates to offset emissions (especially to people who travel a lot by car)
  • Just do some handicrafts and tinkering again
  • Pick up gifts you’ve bought online from the shop/store if possible
  • Reflect your own consumption and consumer behavior and skip articles that are not 100% needed
  • No gifts at all and just spend time with your loved ones

Many thanks to all who participated! We wish you a Merry Christmas 🙂 🙂 🙂