IRIEDAILY Green Weekend Ergebnis 2020

Result of the Green Weekend
4000€ go to OroVerde

The result of our Green Weekend is here! Instead of participating in the big Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, we have again decided to support the Tropical Forest Foundation OroVerde  with 20% of the net sales of our Green Weekend (27.11.-30.11.2020).
No sooner said than done! 4000€ have been collected and will now go to OroVerde to support a project in the biosphere reserve Bocas del Polochic in Guatemala!
Many thanks to all who have purchased from us during Green Weekend and contributed to this sum ❤️❤️❤️

OroVerde and its projects

The Tropical Forest Foundation OroVerde (Spanish for “green gold”) is actively committed to the conservation of tropical rainforests. Together with the local people, they develop long-term conservation projects. In addition, OroVerde is also engaged in Germany by providing consumer tips and educational projects.

The sum collected during our Green Weekend will support a project in the Biosphere Reserve Bocas del Polochic in Guatemala this time.
OroVerde has been active there for 7 years now and tries to achieve 4 major goals, which benefit both the rainforest and the families in Polochic:

– Forest protection and reforestation e.g. energy forestry
– Introduction of sustainable agricultural methods such as beekeeping or agroforestry systems
– Improved living conditions e.g. through health and cooking courses, water filters or good cooking stoves
– Disaster prevention

Especially the poor nutritional situation on site and the problem of monoculture in the fields lead to rainforest clearing again and again. Therefore it is all the more important not only to take care of reforestation, but also to focus on the further education and training of local workers and families. Last year, thanks to the work of OroVerde, another 191 families learned new farming methods such as home gardens and agroforestry systems that will enable them to eat healthier and more balanced food in the future. Another 30 families have planted trees and created new agroforestry systems.
However, other regions should benefit from the Polochic success story in the long term as well. Therefore OroVerde is developing a best practice manual, which will allow the methods to be transferred to other areas. For example, the actions will soon be applied in 8 communities in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in northern Guatemala.

Agroforestry systems

In many of the OroVerde project areas the farmers and families have to fight with immense challenges. The soils are low in nutrients anyway and are further contaminated by pesticides, extreme weather conditions and monocultures. When the harvest is no longer sufficient to feed the families and earn a living, for many farmers, clearing the forest is apparently the only way to replace the fields.
Of course, this solution is only short-term and disastrous for climate change. The sustainable and long-term solution would be agroforestry systems and home gardens based on the model of the rainforest. The rainforest’s recipe for success consists of an almost perfect nutrient cycle and a multi-layered structure – agroforestry systems make use of this principle as well, ensuring a reliable harvest for decades to come.


Are your email inboxes full to the brim with offers for Black Friday, Black Weekend or even Black Week and Black Month?
Sustainability, climate protection and slow fashion have not only achieved a higher status in society, but are also at the top of IRIEDAILY’s priority list. That’s why we have decided, like last year, to not participate in the big Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales.
Instead, we turn Black Friday into a Green Weekend* and will again support Tropical Forest Foundation OroVerde with 20% of the total net sales generated this weekend in the IRIEDAILY Online Store and in the Brand Store Berlin!
*The campaign runs from 27.11.2020 to including 30.11.2020.

Previous fundraising campaigns

We have already donated to OroVerde twice and thus supported different projects. The first fundraising campaign lasted two weeks in September 2019. From the amount donated, 2000 new trees were planted and 2.5 hectares of home gardens were created in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Guatemala. You can find more information here!

The second campaign was the Green Weekend last year. With our donation we supported the project “Planting activities and environmental education in the mountainous region of the Cerbatana” in Paria, Venezuela. From this amount we were able to pay a scientist for 13 days who recorded rare animal and plant species in one of the mountain cloud forests. With this data, OroVerde was able to develop a protection concept for the area and draw attention to endangered species. In addition to actions such as planting trees, environmental education and planting home gardens, this is essential work in order to recognize emerging damages early enough and initiate countermeasures.

We are very happy to support OroVerde again this year and to contribute to the preservation of the rainforests. By placing an order on our Green Weekend you automatically do something good and support a sustainable, important project! Thank you ❤️

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