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This is the result of our two-week donation campaign, which we started at the end of August / beginning of September! Without you this would not have been possible, many thanks to all of you! ♥

In order that we at IRIEDAILY can also make a small contribution to rainforest protection, we have donated 10% of the value of all orders placed in our online shop during the campaign period. The donation went to the tropical forest foundation OroVerde (Spanish for “green gold”) is actively involved in the preservation of tropical rainforests. Together with local people, they develop long-term preservation projects. In addition, OroVerde also works in Germany with consumer tips and educational projects.

We have decided to donate the money directly for planting tree seedlings and building homegardens. From this amount we were able to make the following contribution:
2000 newly planted trees & 2.5 hectares of homegardens!

The 2000 seedlings are mainly planted in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Guatemala and help to reforest the rainforests there. Of course these are native trees.

The so-called “homegardens” are also set up in these three countries. With our donation we not only finance the planting of 2.5 hectares of agroforestry, but also training for the farmers. The agroforestry systems are intended to break the vicious circle of rainforest destruction. The rainforest’s key to success consists of an almost perfect nutrient cycle and a multi-layered structure that produces a unique diversity of species. The homegardens make use of exactly this principle. The forest gardens are species-rich and particularly resistant, so that they produce reliable harvests over decades. These harvests provide the local families with their own food and income. Absolutely sustainable!
More information about the agroforesty systems can be found here.

The reason for our donation campaign

The tropical rainforests are more and more in danger 🙁
At present, the Amazon rainforest, also called the green lung of the earth, has huge problems with fires. This year alone, the National Institute of Space Research in Brazil (INPE) detected 76,720 fires, 80% more than last year. But other rainforest areas are affected by deforestation and fires as well.

The importance of rainforests for climate protection is enormous, as trees extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during growth and store it in roots, trunks and soil. If the forest is destroyed, this stored CO² is released again, which drives climate change even more. So the scale is devastating!
Politicians and citizens urgently need to take action.
You will find the most important information & facts summarized on the website of OroVerde.

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