People · Bicycles · Bullshit | Eine Fotoaustellung von Peter Keller

IRIEDAILY friendly supports: People · Bicycles · Bullshit | Salon 36 Berlin Kreuzberg

On Thursday, 23 January 2020, the photo exhibition People · Bicycles · Bullshit by Peter Keller opens in Salon 36 in Berlin Kreuzberg. Afterwards, the exhibition can be visited until 30 January 2020.

No big plan, just photos from the road: people who are close to me, friends and others who are just passing by. Berlin by bike, day and night. Hang out at Search & Destroy in O-Straße, skateboard at Gleisdreieck, meet the city’s bike couriers or just ride around on my track bike. Being in Tokyo in between, capturing the street life there and diving into the BMX and bike courier scene.

Subway Car ©PeterKeller
Subway Car ©PeterKeller

About Peter Keller

Born in 1975

Peter Keller has been working as an art director and graphic designer for over 20 years. He is founder and owner of his own design studio “Menschlabor”. He specialized his skills for working in the bicycle industry and everything related to it and found his own niche. Six years ago he co-founded his own bicycle brand, which is deeply rooted in the bicycle courier culture. Skateboarding, BMX and music are other important influences in his life.

Peter still maintains strong links with various subcultures and is very active in skateboarding and cycling. When he grew up in the 80s with skateboarding, BMX, Hip Hop and hardcore music, his influences became preferences that are still present today. Peter’s photography is mainly concerned with documenting his surroundings and the cultural scenes in which he moves. In his first exhibition you can see that he is deeply rooted in these subcultures through his intimate images.

Peter Keller
Peter Keller

When: 23 –  30 January 2020
Where: Salon 36, Oranienstraße 188-190, 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg