RAD RACE: Outstanding bike races!

Rad Race – 12 friends from Münster, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne and Wiesbaden. In 2014, they founded Rad Race from a simple but absolutely cool idea: organizing cycling events that are not like all the others. Just Rad Races. What kind of bike doesn’t really matter, it’s all about riding. And this is what we at IRIEDAILY liked from the beginning and we have been supporting the boys and girls since the very beginning.

Meanwhile the Radraces take place in different metropolises in Germany and Europe. The races stand out with unique formats and exciting locations. At the events there is always a lot of photography and filming, in the highest quality, to show the world what cycling can do. By now, you can also buy equipment and merchandise.


A clear message from the Rad Race Team and with full conviction! Because all nations, genders, religions and bicycle scenes are welcome at the Rad Races. They also support local integration projects with donations. Awesome! 🙂


Rad Race Last Man Standing

This elimination race with several rounds takes place in special locations. In Berlin, for example, at a go-kart track. The principle is simple: Fixed Gear is allowed and the race starts in small groups (up to 8 drivers). Each round the last one is eliminated as long as there is only one driver left.

The Last Man Standing took place on the 24th March in Berlin this year. With 1200 spectators and drivers from 20 nations it was a successful event with a great atmosphere. Check out the complete Recap here.

Rad Race Battle

„Just Ride. Don’t think!“ That is the motto of this race. Again very simple rules: on a straight track with a length between 150-250m there is a battle “Man vs. Man” or “Woman vs. Woman”. The faster one wins and goes one round further. Every bike is allowed here (except e-bikes of course).

The last Race Battle took place on the 15th August 2018 in Hamburg. Read here how it was.

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/QDVksNvRFu4

Rad Race Fixed42

This race could be described as an unofficial Fixed Gear World Championship. In principle it is a marathon by bike – 42,195 km. Because closed roads are an advantage for this format, the bike Race Fixed42 takes place on the last 42km of the Velothon Berlin. As the name already tells, only Fixed Gear is allowed.

This year’s Fixed42 World Championsships took place on the 13th May in Berlin and was a complete success. Here you can see the Recap.

The name already gives an idea of what is behind it – a stage race in a team from Munich to Venice. You can start with a racing bike, fixed gear or cross bike. To qualify for the time rating, a team must consist of at least three riders. But actually it’s not about winning but crossing the Alps with friends. The 600km route is divided into four stages, including parties in the evening, equipment transport, accommodation and buses back to Germany.

The Rad Race Tour de Friends 2017 and 2018 were a complete success! That’s why they are already working hard on new tours and tracks. You can be curious!

Of course you also need your own teams! The Rad Pack with male riders and the GRL PCK with full female power:

The Rad Pack. The riders from different disciplines have teamed up for one reason: to form a team with friends and race awesome events together. This is not about winning but about crazy competitions and fun.
These 14 riders are part of it: Axel, Ben, Carl, Fritz, Hari, Henne, Ingo, Jan, Jo, John, Lutz, Max, Moritz and Schubu.

GRL PCK. They came together when they crossed the Alps with their bikes. Today the 7 girls share their love for bike tours, friendship and fries 🙂
In the team: Amélie, Julia, Laura, Laura, Maike, Maria and Tamika.


Rad Race Last Man Standing 2019
Rad Race tour de Friends Columbia
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