radio x IRIEDAILY – A saga continues!

radio x IRIEDAILY “Berlin Paris Amour” collab

Since a while two institutions of Kreuzberg are doing friends business together and launched the radio  x IRIEDAILY “Berlin Paris Amour” collab collection in MArch 2018. Now this successful collaboration will be complemented by two new family members for you:

Radio x irie Hands Tee

rXi Hands Tee

Radio x irie Hands Hooded

rXi Hands Hooded

The story behind:  It all started with a sticker. The sticker combines two hands – one from IRIEDAILY and one from radio. Makes sense already, doesn’t it?
That’s why it has now been immortalized on textile. The result is a black shirt and a grey hoody with print on the left chest. Pretty cool stuff for your next skate session 😉 But pay attention: IT’S LIMITED!

Be fast or cry later 😉

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