RECAP: Rad Race Last Woman/Man Standing 2019

Rad Race Last Man Standing & Last Woman Standing in Berlin – friendly supported by IRIEDAILY

In connection with the excellent kolektif bike fair berlin our friends from Rad Race organized the legendary “Last Woman & Last Man Standing” as well.

Like last year, the event took place on a kart track in Berlin. The one and only “Last Woman/ Man Standing” was as always loud, enthusiastic, with many spectators and exciting until the very last round! The familiar outstanding Rad Race atmosphere!

Rad Race Last Man Standing 2019 Berlin
(c) Arturs Pavlovs
Rad Race Last Man Standing 2019 Berlin
(c) Michael Salens
Rad Race Last Man Standing 2019 Berlin
(c) Michael Salens

At the starting line were 144 men and 18 girls – 162 talented racers with a proper portion of skills and urge to thrill. In the qualifying sessions half of the participants were kicked out. But that wasn’t so bad, because the spectators gave everything and cheered for every single rider 😉

Pure excitement: head-to-head races in the final laps

After the quarter finals it once again became really exciting. The spectators provided a great atmosphere and gave the riders the necessary kick for the last laps. As it is the case in sports, only the best of the best made it to the finals. Everyone fought hard for every single place.

In the men’s competition there was a strong battle between Alec Briggs, Augusto Reati and Jonas Fischer, who dominated all rounds so far.
Jonas was eliminated due to bad luck and a crash, which led to one of the most breathtaking battles between Augusto and Alec. The Italian Augusto Reati prevailed and deservedly won the title Last Man Standing 2019. Congratulations!

But also between the girls it was not less thrilling. Defending champion Karla Sommer, Tamika Hingst from GRL PCK and Margaux Vigie are just a few of the girls who performed impressively.
Failed last year by an unfortunate crash, Margaux won the duel against Karla this year and secured the title Last Woman Standing 2019. Congrats, Margaux Vigie!

Here you find all the winners who made it to the podium this time:

Rad Race Last Man Standing 2019 Berlin
(c) Arturs Pavlovs

1. Augusto Reati
2. Alec Briggs
3. Tobias Hörchner

Rad Race Last Man Standing 2019 Berlin
(c) Arturs Pavlovs

1. Margaux Vigie
2. Karla Sommer
3. Francisca Campos

For all of you who didn’t make it to Berlin, there was a live stream of the Global Cycling Network, which you can watch again here.
A short recap video from the Rad Race Crew can be found here on Instagram.
And if you like to experience a race from the perspective of the riders, you can find a cool on-board video of the racer Lukas Niemann here.

Many thanks to the Rad Race Crew, all riders and the crazy crowd who made this awesome event possible! 🙂