Secret Wars Berlin Round 1


The live-art battle of the extra class Secret Wars got off to a great start yesterday in Berlin. Fans of the Secret Wars Battle series already arrived in the “Alte Münze”, as well as new people who at first didn’t really know what to expect. With the starting signal and the suitable music of DJ Skar everybody knew fast that this will become an exciting Battle. But in the end there could only be one winner between Scribblaholics and Spreedaily. With a clear 3:0 the Scribblaholics could assert themselves with a unique work of art.

Who should have missed it, should be told. Soon “Round 2” will also take place in Berlin, so keep your eyes and ears open and next week we’ll meet again in Hamburg.

Secret Wars goes Berlin! Friendly supported by IRIEDAILY

The live-art battle at its best: Secret Wars comes to Berlin! The first edition of the Berlin Battle series will take place on 16.05.2019 at 8 p.m. in the Cage Club in the Alte Münze.

Originally the format was created in England, since 2010 the Secret Wars take place regularly in Hamburg. The same rules apply in Berlin as well: two teams, 90 minutes, white wall, black markers.
After the time has expired and the artists have put their works on the wall, they will be judged. A jury and the crowd’s applause / cheer / roar will judge the winners.
The two artworks will then be auctioned off and the proceeds will be donated to Viva Con Agua for a good cause.

Scribblaholics vs. Spreedaily

In Berlin, the crew Scribblaholics will raise their markers against the Spreedaily team. You can be curious 😉
DJ Skar will rock the turntables!

Mikael Sitter (YAT) – @yatgraffiti’
Hannes Höhlig (AgeAge) – @ageage_bln
Felix Hülpüsch (Hülpman) – @huelpman86

Honey Beebs – @honey_beebs
Orson 77 – @orson_77
Median 95 –

Write with a thick marker in the calendar: Secret Wars Berlin / 16.05.2019 / Cage Club!

BTW: The flyer was designed by Senor Schnu, who also developed some artwork for our current collection!

Secret Wars Berlin Flyer
Artwork by Senor Schnu

When: 16.05.2019 from 8p.m.
Where: Cage Club (Alte Münze), Haus 3, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin

RECAP: Secret Wars Hamburg Round 32

At the beginning of March there was the Secret Wars Round 32 in Hamburg: Team Dotu vs. JeRoMi. In the end Team Dotu won with 2:1. The auction yielded awesome 950€. Check out some impressions here: