Secret Wars Hamburg Round 34

RECAP: Secret Wars Hamburg Round 34

On Saturday, 31.08.2019 there was a live-art battle at eye level at the Secret Wars Round 34 in Hamburg in an old car repair shop! Newcomer DBS faced the defending champion JeRuMi!

Secret Wars Hamburg Round 34
JeRuMI ©Phill Dy Na Mite
Secret Wars Hamburg Round 34
DBS ©Phill Dy Na Mite

The location was an old car repair shop with containers in the backyard – that definitely had charm! Beer and bratwurst were served as refreshments, Buzz-T started at the turntables.
Then the Battle JeRuMi vs. DBS kicked off! There was also the Jameson Talent Battle again, where five guests could try their hand as artists on small stretcher walls. Of course only with black markers. The result were five really cool artworks. Instead of one winner there were two, Dave and cami_ffc secured the same amount of votes from the audience: Tie!

After 90 minutes the two teams JeRuMi and DBS finished! Who won this time? In any case it was a close decision, because the battle ended 2:1.
The first point was awarded by regular guest no. 1 Lars to JeRuMi. However, the audience decided differently on the basis of the volume, so that the second point went to DBS and there was first a tie. The decisive point was awarded by the auction. JeRuMi achieved the higher proceeds with their artwork, so they are still title holders. Congratulations!

At the auction a total of 720€ was raised, which will be donated to Viva con Agua. Great!

Secret Wars Hamburg Round 34
Artwork by DBS ©Phill Dy Na Mite
Secret Wars Hamburg Round 34
Artwork by JeRuMi ©Phill Dy Na Mite

Secret Wars Hamburg Round 34 | 31.08. Old car workshop

Finally Secret Wars in Hamburg again! On Saturday (31.08.) it’s already round 34, this time in an old car workshop in the Marckmannstraße.

The Live-Art Battle at its best was originally established in England, since 2010 it takes place regularly in Hamburg. The rules of Secret Wars are simple but brilliant: 2 teams, 90 minutes, 2 white walls, 36 markers! There are no themes, the teams can give free rein to their creativity. Afterwards, the jury and the audience (volume) each award one point. Then the artworks are auctioned, the picture with the higher price gets another point. As always, all proceeds from the auction will go to Viva con Agua!

This time Buzz-T will provide you with music and in the backyard of the old car workshop even a barbecue will be kicked off. Sounds like a perfect late summer evening, doesn’t it?

JeRuMi vs. DBS

In Round 33 the team JeRuMi clearly secured the victory (the recap is below) and is therefore defending champion and participates in Round 34.
This time a new crew from Hamburg/Cologne with the name DBS is fighting for the victory.

When: 31.08. from 20h
Where: Old car workshop, Marckmannstraße 32, 20539 Hamburg
Admission: tba

RECAP: Secret Wars Hamburg Round 33

Round 33 of Secret Wars Hamburg is over! On the 25. of May Team Dotu and JeRuMi had a rematch. In round 32 Team Dotu won the battle. This time the duel ended more clearly: With 3:0 JeRuMi won the match. Successful revenge! 😉
At the auction a total of 400€ was collected for Viva con Agua. Nice result!

P.S.: JeRuMi painted a pig army because it was Russlan’s girlfriend’s birthday and she likes pigs. True Love!

As already in Berlin there was again the Talent Battle, where 5 artists from the audience could let the magic happen on A3. 60 minutes time and of course only armed with black markers. The winner was Karsten Bambule – Congrats!

Secret Wars Hamburg Round 33
© Phillip Bischoff