IRIEDAILY friendly supports: Skate & Bike Rallye | 21 September in Berlin

SKATE & BIKE RALLYE 21 September 2019 in Berlin

Summer is almost over and we call on you again to move your weary bones. Come in teams and take part in the big scavenger hunt for great, donated prizes from the vending machine!

Starting at 16h at Search & Destroy at Heinrich Platz in the O-Straße. In order to solve all hard and easy tasks, you should set up your team properly. Skating and cycling is in demand. Either or and in combination as well. The finish line is the Franken in the O-Straße. There the countless winners will be chosen.

Come or stay all for the cool records at the After-Rallye Party – we’ll serve you the roughest ghetto sounds until the gold chain melts into rap, hip hop, funk, punk, boogaloo and disco music!!!
Your hard-earned holiday cash will be taken straight out of your pocket if you sin at the world-famous ghetto barrel, buy a ticket for the ghetto raffle and donate 1 buck for the dj’s at the bar!

START: 16h, Search & Destroy, Oranienstraße 198, 10999 Berlin
FINISH: Franken Bar, Oranienstraße 19A, 10999 Berlin
PARTY: From 21h at Franken with Ente & Pistol Pete + Special Guests


Bike & Skate Rallye