IRIEDAILY Spring/Summer 2019.

Cheers. Have a drink. Party time. Excellent. The reasons to celebrate are manifold – and they’re omnipresent in our hedonistic, materialist society. We’re going higher and higher, until it becomes almost impossible to bring us down, even though we’re very much aware of the inevitable hard landing that’s waiting for us sooner or later. Once you’ve left party mile though you will immediately realize that the most beautiful occasions to celebrate are not associated with money or success – they are memories and moments, friendships and differences. Welcome to IRIEDAILY’s collection for Spring/Summer 2019. Welcome to 25 years of IRIEDAILY.
The center pieces of IRIEDAILY’s offering for 2019’s hot season sees the brand coming full circle, as fresh colour blocking on jackets, sweatshirts and tracksuits, tropical patterns and prints on dresses and pants as well as bold logo variations on tees and crewnecks are clearly inspired by the mid 90s. Add wild allover prints, consciously designed lo-fi graphics and an overall relaxed fit to the mix, and the resulting style clash will reveal itself as an urgent and highly contemporary one which is proudly celebrating each and everyone’s very unique take on diversity – under the banner of the Fair Wear Foundation, obviously.
The days where an identification such as “Made in Berlin“ had a rather exotic ring to it are long gone – and IRIEDAILY most definitely did its share to make this particular sender line a crucial one. So here’s to a quarter of a century of streetwear from Kreuzberg, Berlin! Cheers to the next chapter! Let’s celebrate the past and think ahead – we are very much looking forward to share our future with you.

Yours truly,

Iriedaily Spring Summer 2019
iriedaily spring summer collection 2019
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Iriedaily Spring Summer 2019