STORM: Choreograph!

Storm started dancing as a little child and made it a real part of life when BBoying, popping and locking grew up. He made his first tours with the “Bravo Breakdance Sensation 84”. Shortly afterwards, however, the popular breakdance fell into a deep hole. Nevertheless, Storm never gave up and networked with other BBoys and continued the style when he was long considered already dead.

name: Niels “Storm” Robitzky
birthday: 31. Juli 1969
main dancestyles : B-boying, Locking, Popping



SKATE: Konstantin RutschmannSteve ForstnerValeri RosomakoDanni Olsen, Sven KanclerskiDaniel KrassowskiRoland HirschFlo BodenhammerRene DerntlThomas Steinwender, MUSIC: TurbostaatBeatsteaks, T.RaumschmierePow Pow MovementOhrbootenDJ HypeGregor McEwan, Fink, ACTOR:  Wotan W. Möhring DANCE: Raphael HillebrandStorm SPORT: Helene Fruhwirth, , Selina Jörg, and many more!