StudioTrouble™ Showcase “Set for the Sun”

StudioTrouble Showcase - Bennett
Michael Bennett "Primary Function"

StudioTrouble™ presents a new showcase in Berlin. Curated by Jenne Grabowski, the three-day pop-up group exhibition opens its doors on Thursday, April 11. The location is the Lobe Block at Böttgerstraße 16 in Berlin Wedding. The house was planned by the architects Arno Brandlhuber and Muck Petzet and could hardly be more progressive, in keeping with the works.

StudioTrouble™ has put together a series of international and local artists working in the fields of painting, sculpture, public interventions, photography and film. The following artists are featured:

Brad Downey / Brian Lotti / Clemens Behr / Christian August / Daniel Rich / Jeroen Erosie / Michael Bennett / Pablo Tomek / Sebastian Haslauer / Sascha Missfeldt / Stefan Marx / Sergej Vutuc / Tessa Perutz / 44flavours

The opening event will take place on Thursday, April 11 from 6-9pm. On Friday, April 12 the exhibition opens from 1-7pm, on Saturday, April 13 from 12-7pm.

About StudioTrouble™
StudioTrouble™ is a Berlin-based creative studio with a large network of individuals and companies. Jenne Grabowski is the creator and creative head of the studio.

StudioTrouble™ is a playground for new ideas and perspectives. A space for taking things apart and reassembling. For breaking the rules. Making trouble in order to discover the new. Always seeking trouble, for the opportunity to calm it down. (Quelle)

When: 11.04. 6-9pm / 12.04. 1-7pm / 13.04. 12-7pm
Where: Lobe Block, Böttgerstraße 16, 4. OG, 13357 Berlin

StudioTrouble Showcase - Haslauer
Tessa Perutz "Landscape"
StudioTrouble Showcase - Haslauer
Sebastian Haslauer "Grosswetterlage"
StudioTrouble Showcase Flyer