“German Rap is unique in its diversity. On the one hand, there is a rough battle rap that just throws on your face and is always looking for the hottest punchline. On the other hand, there is the socio-critical political rap, which denounces social grievances in an eloquent way. On its own it’s great, even better if you can do both. Takt32 is an artist who masters exactly this balancing act with bravery. Already in his early youth, the boy from Berlin moved to France and later for a few years to the USA, where he was inspired by many musical ideas. Takt32 gains its first name in the scene with victories at the “Berlin Battle Tournament Rap Am Mittwoch”. Later, he expands his range of topics and begins to reflect on his environment and himself in music. After the debut EP “#Overkill” in 2014, the first album “Gang” was released the following year – both records are published by the independent label Kiezkunst. Takt32 knows how to distance himself from standards. It’s the interplay of intelligence, appropriate self-reflection and a little bit of the inborn Berlin” Hau Drauf Attitüde “, which paves the way for Takt32 to play in the top league of rap…” ( sorce: http://www.takt32.de/takt32)




Website: www.takt32.de
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Takt32/
Instagram: @takt32_official
Youtube: Takt32_Channel
Snapchat: takt32_official

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